2018..Here we come! 0

As I sat up late last night, running year end numbers (you know, the boring side of running a business), I was blown away by the fact that we completely CRUSHED some of our 2017 business goals. I mean, in our wildest dreams we did not think our little shop, that was started on a wing and a prayer, would have grown this quickly! Simultaneously I was also humbled by the goals that came up short (and I mean REALLY short!) But 2018 is a new year, with a new set of goals, and we are going to continue to grow and push ourselves to do more, make more, and be more for you, for the shop, and for ourselves.

Occasionally I actually take a minute to make something for myself, and that happened last year about this time. I had a blank spot on the wall behind the cutter and my computer that needed to be filled. I came up with 3 quotes that I adored, created some cute posters, and they have been inspiring me all year long. 

As we dive into 2018, I wanted to share one of them with you. I hope it brings as much joy and motivation to your life as it did to mine this past year!



Download this file here, and Happy New Year! 

  • Shanti Grossman
...And A Happy New Year!

...And A Happy New Year! 0

As we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, we sometimes forget about the biggest celebration of the year-New Year's Eve! Whether you're staying in and watching the ball drop, hosting a party for your friends and family, or dressing your best and hitting the town, New Year's Eve is a time to celebrate! 

This year, we have created New Year's Eve party decorations that sparkle and shine! Choose from two different banners to suit your party's style: the more casual "Tonight We Party" banner, or the shimmery gold "Cheers to a New Year" banner that will look great as part of a backdrop for your guests to take NYE photos. Every New Year's Eve party requires something festive and bubbly to drink, and we have the perfect way to top your straws and put a little zip in your sip! These "Cheers" straw toppers are sparkly and fun, and you get a dozen with each order. To decorate your food table, or to hand out to guests as fun photo props, you'll want to grab these NYE centerpieces that feature glittery "2018" and "Happy New Year" and a clock with the hands set to midnight. Finally, we never forget about the confetti and we don't want you to either! Sprinkle these 2018 cutouts around the food table, bar, and anywhere you want to add a touch of festive fun. Order in 50 or 100 piece bags. We offer the choice to order every item a la carte in any amount you need, or purchase our NYE Party Box with everything you need for a party of 12.

Looking for some fun food and drink ideas for your NYE bash? Check out these punches and these appetizers. They are sure to help you round out 2017 on a high note! Need a perfect party playlist? We have that covered too!


Here's to a wonderful 2018!

-Heather and Shanti

Oh Christmas Tree!

Oh Christmas Tree! 0

It's that time of year; the merriest season is upon us! It's time to shop, bake, and decorate the house! Putting up the tree and decorating it is a tradition we look forward to every year, and even though we sometimes find ourselves in a Griswold family scenario, it always ends up looking beautiful and makes our living room my favorite spot in the house. But...when you have toddlers in the house, the tree doesn't always stay looking perfect for the holiday season. Those little hands just can't resist pulling on the strings of lights and grabbing all the shiny (and often, breakable) ornaments of the branches. Luckily, we have a solution!

We make an adorable felt Christmas tree with ten colorful ornaments that kids can move, remove, and restick as many times as they want with no need for hooks, tape, glue, or mess of any kind! The tree is approximately 32" tall, so it's the perfect size for toddlers. This year, we added a felt loop on the top of the tree for easy hanging. Just use one of these removable hooks for an easy take-down when it's time to pack up the Christmas gear. Use a little masking tape or painters tape behind the bottom corners of the tree, and you're all set! If you want to be able to move the tree from room to room to keep your eyes on the little ones, mount the tree to a piece of foam board to make it easily portable! If the ornaments start to lose their "stick", just give them a rub on your cozy flannel Christmas jammies to build up a little static, and they'll be ready to go again!

Special thanks goes out to Stephanie from Sweetpotato Peachtree for allowing her precious daughter to be our tree model. Check out her blog for DIY projects, reviews on baby and kid friendly products, and her work with NICU Knits, and more.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

-Heather and Shanti

PS-if we ever figure out a cat-proof Christmas tree, we'll let you know!

Eek! Monsters!

Eek! Monsters! 1

Monsters don't have to be scary; in fact, they can be downright adorable! If your little one is into monsters, don't wait for Halloween to bring out the decorations, throw a fun and silly monster themed birthday party! The bright colors and googly eyes are the perfect backdrop for a kid friendly celebration.

Speaking of backdrops, our monster eye garland makes a great photo booth background, or can be used to add a fun pop of color and whimsy to a blank wall. Each order comes with five strands and has funny eyes scattered throughout. Kids will love it! Of course, for any kid celebration, the dessert is the star of the party, and these cupcake toppers are the cutest way to top them! Party guests are sure to clamour for their favorite monster. Go all the way by serving them in these crazy eyeball cupcake liners!

To say "Happy Birthday" to your little monster, put our oversized monster banner on the wall! With crazy hair, snaggle teeth, and wonky eyes, this colorful banner is both fun and functional. When the party is over, you can hang the name section of the banner in a bedroom or playroom to keep the party going after the guests are gone. Our centerpieces match the banner perfectly and can double as fun photo booth props, or can even be used after party as part of a monster puppet show! Getting double duty out of your party decorations is never a bad thing!

For the first time, we have collaborated with another maker mama on a party theme, and we are excited to share her adorable creations with you! Head over to Yippitee to see her monster themed birthday t-shirts. They match our monster decor perfectly, and will make your party pics perfect! And, as always, our motto is: never forget the confetti!

  • Heather Lindow

Join Our Team! 1

Hi, Thanks for stoping by and taking a look at our current job opening!

We are looking to hire someone to work with us part-time in our North Austin in-home studio (near The Domain). The position starts immediately, and will range from 5-15 hours per week. Initially all hours will be in-studio, with the possibility of some hours being remote from your home, if you desire, after initial training.

Our ideal candidate would be: 

  • A hard working, task oriented person, who is comfortable taking the lead on projects.
  • Must LOVE crafting. (We literally cut and glue paper all day every day!)
  • Attention to detail IS A MUST.
  • Bonus points given if you have basic sewing experience and/or experience with die cutters (Silhouette, Cricut, etc.)
  • A basic understanding of marketing, social media and SEO is awesome, but not mandatory.
  • Experience using the backend seller side of Etsy, Shopify, or Amazon would be amazing but not mandatory.
  • Some hours will be in office while others will be flexible and work from home.

Pay starts at $8.50/hour. Pay will increase to $9/hour after 6 months of quality work.

If you are interested, please send and email to us at, and let us know why you think you're a great fit for the position!

  • Shanti Grossman
Pool Party!

Pool Party! 0

These watermelon and pineapple themed party decorations are great for a twotti fruity birthday party or a Summer pool party, but really any summertime celebration is the perfect time for these cute and colorful pieces. A family reunion at the beach, celebrating being out of school (Yay!), or maybe you're christening the new backyard pool-these customizable decorations are just the thing to set the mood for a splashing good time!
  • Heather Lindow