Our Story

Though our childhoods may have been unbridled, carefree and unexamined by social media, our adult lives certainly aren’t. Now every moment has become fodder for online commentary. Our first kiss, graduation, wedding proposal, our baby shower - all of it became public domain, which comes with a pressure to make it absolutely perfect. In the world of carefully curated Pinterest boards and advanced DIY crafting skills, you can’t often buy those perfect custom party decorations at the store. We’re all too busy, and not everyone has the hours, skills, or tools they need to DIY a party from scratch with all the personalized touches they desire, which is why Party At Your Door is here to help!

We understand that you want every detail of your custom party to be special and perfect, and we want to help make that happen for you, just as we have for hundreds of other clients. We know that having a personalized party with a name on a birthday banner, custom designed centerpieces for a retirement party, and adorable garland in the perfect shade of pink at a baby shower have become must haves in today’s society. We want to be your go-to secret weapon task force that helps you communicate your vision and how much you care about the person for whom this party is being planned. What’s the point in celebrating life’s milestones if you’re so caught up and stressed by the planning you forget to live in that moment and it passes you by? We’d much rather you arrive to the party polished and poised and actually enjoy yourself, than spend weeks slaving over paper goods, hot glue guns and sewing machines, or in lines at party stores. So whatever your party theme maybe, Party At Your Door can create custom party decorations and party supplies to match, we put the party in a box and ship it right to your door!

When you work with Party At Your Door, it kind of feels like planning a party with your best friends, but it is even better because you aren’t asking that best friend for a huge favor! You get to tell us what you want, and we make it happen. If you’d like talk details on the phone, text in the wee hours of the morning, or stick to the traditional email correspondences, we do what works best for you.

Our journey started in December of 2009, when Shanti turned her house into a winter wonderland inspired by Elf, and threw one amazing party. Fast forward to 2013, and as good friends do, Shanti hosted Heather’s baby shower. Heather expected a cute party, but was truly blown away when her house was transformed into an under-the-sea extravaganza. When the shower was over, Heather said, “I can’t just throw these decorations out. You should package them up and sell them as a ‘party in a box’.” Just like that the seed was planted and the idea of Party at Your Door was born.

Based in Austin, Texas, we opened our online custom party store in June of 2015, we have shipped over 15,000 custom party boxes to all 50 states and 14 different countries. If your child wants a “Wheels on the Bus” birthday party, your parents are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary, you and your friends want to throw a rainbow unicorn party because you can, we can help. You name it; we’ll create it!