Join Us, We're Hiring! 0

Hi, Thanks for stoping by and taking a look at our current job opening!

We are looking for someone to work part-time in our North Austin in-home studio (near The Domain). The position starts immediately, and will be 25 hours a week, with the option of adding additional hours that can be completed at home. 

Our ideal candidate is: 

  • Available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. to work in-studio. Additional work from home hours may be available if you're interested.
  • Must be fully vaccinated and boosted. You will be working with immunocompromised individuals, and will be asked to show proof of vaccination. 
  • A hard working, task oriented person, who is comfortable taking the lead on projects.
  • Must love crafting. (We literally cut and glue paper all day every day!)
  • Attention to detail IS A MUST.
  • Bonus points given if you have experience with die cutters (Silhouette, Cricut, etc.) or any design program (Photoshop, InDesign, Sure Cuts A Lot, Silhouette Studio, etc.)

Pay starts at $11.50/hour. Pay will increase to $13/hour after 6 months of quality work.

If you are interested, please send an email to us at, and let us know why you think you're a great fit for the position!

  • Shanti Grossman

5 Best Summer Party Themes 0

You survived graduation season, rain showers, and unpredictable weather. Now summer is finally here in full swing. We have the perfect custom party decorations to fit your summer themed party:

  • BBQ Party

    A BBQ themed party is the perfect way to celebrate a dad’s summer birthday, a Father's Day cookout, or the hot dog and burger aficionado in your life. So fire up the grill, hang a personalized banner, and prepare to kiss the cook for your cookout themed party. 
  • Avocado

    Nothing screams summer more that guacamole. Have a little one who loves avocados or know a millennial struggling to get by because they keep spending their paychecks on avocado toast? Then, an avocado themed party is foolproof. Thanks to Mexico’s consistent warm climate, we can get avocados year round, but if want to shop more “locally”, summer is the time to purchase some delicious, in season, California avocados. Put the finishing touches on your party with a banner, centerpieces, balloons, and some avocado-centric dishes. Holy guacamole, you’ve got yourself a party! 
  • Baseball

    Not only is summer in full swing (pun intended), but so is baseball season. Now if I’m being honest, I’m not the biggest sports fan or expert. But if you know someone who actually understands sports, then this could be the perfect theme for them. We have tons of different baseball themed decorations to choose from. Contact us to personalize your decorations so that your party is in a league of its own. 
  • Camping 

    My second daughter was born in late August so I suffered through my last trimester in unbearable Texas heat. As uncomfortable as it was, our baby shower camping party would have been the perfect baby shower theme to celebrate Rosie’s arrival. Whether you want to throw your shower from the comfort of an air conditioned room, or host it at a local campground, this party theme will be as lit as a campfire. 
  • Fishing 

    Make your party a splash with our fishing themed party decorations. You can use these decorations to celebrate a birthday, a big catch, or a family gathering at a lake house. No matter what you’re celebrating, it’s sure to be a success. 

View these party themes and more at our website. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, then shoot us a message! All of our decorations are custom and we’d be happy to customize a party just for you. 

-Ashley Willet

  • Party At Your Door Staff
Congrats, Graduates!

Congrats, Graduates! 0

Whether it's a Kindergarten, high school, or college graduation, it's a time to celebrate! We can help you give your graduate a fun and personalized celebration they won't forget.

Graduation Invitation Round-Up 0

Tis the season for all things graduation. Whether it is preschool or PhD, we're here to help with all your custom decor needs. We of course have your custom graduation centerpiecesconfettibannercake topper, and cupcake toppers covered, but we wanted to round-up some of our favorite graduation invitations to help you with your party planning!

  • Simple, Clean and To The Point - We love how this invitation predominantly displays a photo of the grad, while keeping the overall design simple and clean.
  •  Classic and Timeless - Whether you prefer a black or white design, both of these designs are timeless and classically beautiful. 
  • Rose Gold Beauty - If your graduate can't get enough of the rose gold trend, then this invitation can't be beat!
  • Fiesta - Because every party should include tacos, chips and salsa. And this invitation is fun, colorful and beautiful!
  • Masculine and Classic - We love how the simple splash of blue in this invitation brings a masculine touch to this invitation, while still keeping it modern and bright. 
  • Flowers, flowers, everywhere - For a more feminine touch, this invitation and this invitation do a great job at featuring beautiful flowers, and also a photo of the grad. Great combo!
  • Shanti Grossman
Gift Alternative Suggestions for Your Kid's Birthday

Gift Alternative Suggestions for Your Kid's Birthday 0

We all have too much stuff. I try to keep the amount of stuff my kids have to a minimum and their toy bins and rooms are still over-flowing.

When it comes to birthdays, I love throwing a party full of custom decor, themed food and organized games, but I have some real mom anxiety about the influx of toys that will end up in my house, and the damage it is doing to our planet to create and dispose of these toys with such a short lifespan. We love our legos and magna tiles, and arts and crafts are great, but the amount of plastic toys we have acquired over the years makes my head spin. 

For years we did "please no gifts" wording on our party invitations, which was great when they were little, but as the kids got older and we started attending a lot of other birthday parties where they saw the kids getting loads of gifts, they had some sadness over the no gifts rule at their own parties.

So in the last couple years we have let people bring gifts, and although we have gotten some amazing gifts (books, headlamps, stem kits, etc.), I am ready to take the leap into the no-gift birthdays for 2020 and here are some ideas I've come across.

    1. Give me 5 or "Fiver" Party - Although I think this initially gained popularity in Europe, it has definitely gotten more popular in the United States. A Give me 5 party is great for the slightly older kid who is saving up for one big gift. You simply drop a note in the invitation with wording along the lines of "Instead of a gift, please consider bringing $5 for the birthday boy/girl to save toward [insert what they’re saving for here]."
    2. Invitations or Experiences - Don't let the playtime end at the party, encourage a year of togetherness with a suggestion of invitations or experiences instead of gifts "<Name> loves being with you most of all. So in lieu of gifts please consider an invitation or experience. From playdates to spa days, movie nights and hot chocolate dates, there is nothing better than spending time with friends!
    3. Fairy Friendship Garden - My kids adore our fairy garden, but continual expansion and upkeep can get expensive. Asks guests to bring a piece to help expand or start your fairy garden. Pieces cost anywhere from $3-$15, and create a scene for year round enjoyment.
    4. Craft or Science Kits - This one kind of blurs the lines a bit, as they are gifts, but they are also experiences. We love having educational and hand-on STEM and craft kits around for long school breaks, weekends and rainy or hot days. 

Here's to wishing you a year of great celebrations and minimal clutter!

  • Shanti Grossman

3 Unique Decorations For Your Graduation Party 0

Once you've ordered your custom graduation centerpieces, confetti, banner, cake topper, and cupcake toppers, you may still want a few more items to make that graduation party sparkle. We've gathered our 3 favorite items to make that special day perfect!

  1. There are lots of ideas out there on creating a memory jar or building memories, but this "Keys To Success" display is hands down our favorite. You can visit local antique and vintage stores to score some vintage keys, or go the modern route and grab new keys at any local hardware store for super cheap! 
  2. So often at parties everyone gets caught up in the talking, eating, drinking and general merriment, and before you know it the party is over and there are no photos to remember the day! The best way to fix this is to put up a photo booth. There are tons fun ideas out there, but the simplicity of this set up is what makes our heart go pitter patter. A shimmer curtain and balloons and you've got a classic and fun photo booth for your guests to capture their photo and you to capture memories!
  3. If you have some table space to fill, you can't go wrong with a globe!  Cute display and right on theme as your graduate leaves to take on the world.

To all the moms out there, today is your day too. You've done it. So take a moment, enjoy a cupcake and think about how much you rocked these past 18 years!

  • Shanti Grossman