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Beautiful Balloons!

Beautiful Balloons! 0

Balloons can be both a beautiful and fun addition to your custom party decorations! With a few quick DIY touches (and maybe a little help from us) you can decorate your celebration and entertain your guests with these timeless treasures.
Breakfast Bash

Breakfast Bash 0

Next time you are planning a party, don't forget about those glorious morning hours. And please let us take some of the stress off your plate by handling all the custom party decorations. All you need to do is wake up, put your party pants on, and then have a nap after.

Vroom! 0

No matter the age of the car lover in your life, we have race car themed custom party decorations that are guaranteed to make them smile.
Indoor Party Activities...for when it is just too dang hot!

Indoor Party Activities...for when it is just too dang hot! 0

We love planning our parties outside when possible, but on those days that it’s just too stinking hot, we try to come up with creative party activities to do inside.
Sweet As Can Be

Sweet As Can Be 0

As a little girl, I was obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake. I had all the dolls, the books, the VHS tapes (remember those?), and I even had Strawberry Shortcake toothpaste. I wish I had pictures of the Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake my mom made for me one year; so cute. While the cartoon series may have faded out, I think the theme of a strawberry party is still popular because it's timeless, cute, and perfect for a spring or summer time party. 

When we first got a request from a customer to do a strawberry themed party, we were so excited to come up with the decorations because we had been thinking about it for a while. The request was for a first birthday party for a little girl, and how appropriate is that because what is sweeter than a precious baby girl? Since she would be smashing a cake at her party, one of the first things we designed was this highchair banner. The bright colors and cute font will look great in smash cake photos or a first birthday photo shoot. Since the birthday baby won't be leaving any of her cake for the guests, we also offer cupcake toppers for everyone else. Of course, it doesn't have to be a first birthday party, since we all know they stay sweet forever, right? But, if you are throwing a strawberry themed first birthday, we offer a month-by-month photo banner to showcase how much your little one has grown from birth, to their birthday.

As always, we offer personalized banners, confetti, and centerpieces to round out your party's decor. I love the option to add the birthday boy, or girl's name to all the decor to really celebrate their special day and make it all about them. I also love that the name portion of our banners can be used after the party is over as a bedroom or playroom decoration. When all the decor is coordinated and personalized, the photos from the big day will be memorable and act as a perfect snapshot of that moment in your baby's life.

If you really want to stick with the strawberry theme, this cake recipe is easy and oh so delicious! Turn it into cupcakes and use these sweet liners to match the party! Serve all your sweet treats and party eats on these plates with cute strawberry napkins. To offset all the pink and red berries, a pretty spring green table cloth is a perfect backdrop for your food table, and is a great shade for your party cups as well.

So, Happy Birthday to all your sweet ones out there and and please let us know if we can make their big day special; we'd love to help!

Reggae Baby

Reggae Baby 0

When my baby sister told me she was expecting her first baby, I flipped out. I was so excited for her and for me too, because there would be a new baby to love on! The excitement only doubled when I found I was also expecting and we were both having girls! I know my sister inside and out and we often joke that we share a brain, so as soon as I suggested a Bob Marley themed baby shower, she immediately said, "Oh my gosh-yes!" Since she signs all of her correspondence with "One love", her dog is named Marley, and she fully embodies the vibe of peace & love, it was a no brainer. I have to say, when the decorations came together, it was my favorite party theme to date.

We really zoned in on the Bob  Marley song, "Three Little Birds" since the addition of this baby girl would make a family of two, a family of three, and because the most famous lyric in the song is, "Let's get together and feel alright" and after all, if you're going to a celebration of any kind, it's the perfect motto. We offer a banner that says just that in any color you could think of for any celebration type. It made a great photo backdrop at her shower. As for the birds, they were everywhere! We made centerpieces to add to the flower arrangements that featured a daddy, mama, and baby girl bird: the "Three Little Birds", and also had a second set featuring a heart and a music note to fit the reggae vibe. The birds also made an appearance in the confetti, cupcake toppers, and garland. The tinier the birds got, the cuter they were! I love the peace signs added throughout the decor, not just because it fits my sis perfectly, but because it set a great vibe for the party.

Of course, it doesn't have to be a baby shower to get together and feel alright, but if you are going down a reggae road for a new baby, there are lots of cute baby gift ideas to go along with your theme. I love the lullaby version of all the Bob Marley hits and I can pretty much guarantee that any parent will love them as much as baby does! Keep the "One Love" vibe going after baby is here with this adorable onesie. There's even a bedtime story based on the song "Three Little Birds" that would be a great addition to the hostess gift for the new mama. Of course, I can't mention a party without thinking about the food. We made key lime cupcakes since they seemed to fit the beachy feel of the party. They were extra scrumptious!

Keep feelin' alright, keep on partying, and "One Love", y'all!