There isn't a day that goes by that I don't rip the bottom of my foot open stepping on a matchbox car that has been strategically left in a high traffic spot on my floor. Thanks, son!  He loves cars and trucks and anything that goes "Vroom!" I think there is something in the DNA of boys that makes them obsessed with cars from around the age of two until they're approximately 60 or 70. No matter the age of the car lover in your life, we have race car themed custom party decorations that are guaranteed to make them smile.

Speaking of age, we have a customizable speed limit sign that features the age of the birthday boy or girl. The older they are, the funnier the sign, if you ask me! To keep kids busy and give them a way to burn off their birthday cake energy, create an indoor race track for them and hang our speed limit and stop sign up for an authentic touch! The signs and our race car garland can be used as bedroom or playroom decorations when the party is over and I'm all for getting double duty out of anything I buy!

We have to talk about party food. I mean, I try to talk about food as much as possible and in this case, there are some really fun ideas for food and we can create custom labels to let your guests know what they are about to enjoy. How about a platter of mini chocolate donuts called "Spare Tires", or a bowl of pretzel sticks & cereal O's called "Nuts and Bolts"? You get as creative as you want, and we will customize the labels to suit your needs. Finish off the look with some checkered flag plates & napkins, and your little racer will be thrilled!

I know one day I'll be sad that there are no more cars spread out all over my floor, and in the all too near future my son will be driving a real car, so for now I'll just try to enjoy his need for speed. We'd love to help out any of you other mamas with a car obsessed kiddo and give them a party they'll never forget!

On your mark, get set, party!



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  • Heather Lindow
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