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How to Host a Beautiful Bridal Shower

How to Host a Beautiful Bridal Shower 0

Your friend is about to walk down the aisle and you want to give her a bridal shower to remember, and we can help! We've got tips for custom party decor, games, and drinks that will take the stress out of planning, and make the bride feel the love all day.
Goin' to the chapel...

Goin' to the chapel... 0

With the summer wedding season fast approaching, we are seeing tons of orders come in for spring time wedding shower and bachelorette party decorations. We have personalized banners to honor the Miss who's becoming a Mrs, cute confetti with the soon-to-be-newlywed's names, and a "Bride to Be" chair banner to give the queen a proper place to sit at her bridal shower, and much more. You didn't think we would forget the cupcakes, did you? While we don't offer a way to serve your party food and cupcakes, you can find elegant disposable plates, forks, and champagne flutes and have them shipped right to your door. They're perfect for your shower, or for the big day.

Since we had all the pre-wedding party decorations covered, we wondered if there was anything else we could do to make wedding planning easier for the bride. We use a paper cutter for almost all of our party decor, and discovered we could use it as a calligraphy tool as well, and offer beautifully scripted custom addressing for wedding invitations. Specifically, we can offer a unique looking style of metallic ink on dark envelopes; something that is difficult to do at home. Check out a behind the scenes look at how we do it here.

We would love to help you with your bridal and bachelorette parties, and even help you get those wedding invitations out the door in a beautiful and timely fashion, so please let us know how we can help! The bride should be able to relax and just enjoy her time in the spotlight, and we can help that happen!