Yes, Dog Parties Are A Real Thing!


As a dog owner myself, I have been having a good laugh at the videos going around of dog owners disappearing from their pets behind a blanket. The dogs have the most genuine concern of, “where did my mom/dad go?!” whenever the blanket falls and their owner has disappeared. Have y’all seen the videos?!

Before I had (human) kids, my dogs were my kids! I spoiled them rotten with love and attention constantly. I am honestly so sad this dog growth chart didn't exist when my puppies were little, because it is the cutest thing ever! But now that I’m a full time mom, my dogs don’t get as much attention but I like to show them love in other ways. One way that I really like to go above and beyond is by celebrating their birthday decked out with custom party decorations and cake for all! Yes, dog parties are a real thing!

One way to make sure your dog is the star of the show at their next celebration is to spruce up the house with custom party decor! Yes, we have dog themed party decorations so that you can have a dog “pawty” that will be sure to impress all the guests and their furry friends! I mean look at this happy customer! 









Another way to make your pup’s next celebration a hit is to make homemade dog treats for each furry friend to enjoy. This pup cake looks so cute, and these dog treats only take 10 minutes to make and require just 2 ingredients, which means all the puppy friends will have a pawty favor to take home! 

Since the dogs will likely be in a playful mood being around their fellow dog pals, one way to entertain the crowd is to play new games with them! This link has the cutest ideas on how to bond with your dog while also helping them to get some exercise through play. Get the water bowls ready, because the dogs are sure to have a ball! 

After a fun celebration full of dog treats, personalized party decorations, and lots of games, it’ll be time for a little relaxation. Cancel all plans for the rest of the day and enjoy a cuddle session on the couch with your furry friend who is turning another year older. And remember, it’s never too early to start planning for next year!








 -Allison Skinner

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