Breakfast Bash

Breakfast Bash

I discovered something this year and it was a game changer. For my son's fourth birthday party, we had a breakfast time celebration and it was glorious. Let me give you three reasons why:

1) It removes any possibility of me procrastinating, and believe me, I'm an Olympic caliber procrastinator. If the party is happening in the morning, I have to get my act together the night before, so the stress level pre-party is basically zero. Nice.

2) No lingering. Look, I love my friends and family, but if the party happens in the afternoon, post-nap, then people tend to hang around and the new toys get pulled apart & pieces are forever missing, and there are sugar crash tantrums, and I'm just really tired, so I'm ready to eat a cupcake in my stretchy pants in the quiet. Have a party in the morning and everyone has to get home for lunch and naps. Double nice.

3) Everyone loves breakfast foods and, in my experience, we don't treat ourselves to a breakfast feast very often. On most days it's cereal and run out the door. So, it's nice to have a party where everyone can indulge in their favorite morning treats. Triple nice.

So, when it comes to a breakfast bash, the first thing to think about (in my book anyway) is the food! You can go savory with breakfast tacos, or go sweet all the way with pancakes, waffles, or donuts, and as always, we can customize decorations to match any of those themes. I hate to pick sides when it comes to food, as I am an equal opportunity nosher, but I may have to go with team sweet here; I mean-it IS a party! The great thing about going with waffles or donuts is that you can make them the night before (see above mention about procrastinating) and, maybe even better, you can use boxed cake mix in your waffle iron, or donut pans to customize the flavors and colors you want. Then, we'll match the decor! Use strawberry cake mix for a girly pink style, or dye vanilla cake blue for a boy's bash. You can even buy teeny tiny donut pans so you can use them as sprinkles on top of your big donuts. I think that's what the kids call "meta". Speaking of sprinkles, check out the selection at Neon Yolk; they are unbelievable! Set out chocolate sauce, caramel, whipped cream, berries, and anything else that sounds yummy or looks pretty piled on top of your breakfast treats. Get those kids all sugared up and then send them home!

I never want to forget about the parents at a kid's birthday bash, so if you're going to party in the morning, for the love of mercy have a coffee bar! Make a big pot, set out creamers, sugar, (maybe a liqueur?) swipe the whipped cream can from the kid's table, and put our cute coffee centerpiece in the middle. Parents can sip while the kids juggle donuts and everyone is happy. 

Next time you are planning a party, don't forget about those glorious morning hours. And please let us take some of the stress off your plate by handling all the decorations. All you need to do is wake up, put your party pants on, and then have a nap after.



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  • Heather Lindow
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