But First Coffee...Seriously.


Tis the season for warm drinks (of if you’re like my husband, he drinks iced coffee throughout the year, regardless of outside temperature). Now that we’re starting to feel the fall temperatures here in Austin, I want a warm drink in hand first thing every morning. There is something so relaxing about that first morning sip. Whether it is coffee, hot chocolate, or warm tea, I think it’s the best way to wake up!

Now that we’ve established that coffee is life, I have to share this cool DIY with you which will be handy now that the holiday season is quickly approaching. Coffee is not only tasty, but its caffeine properties actually have some neat benefits for skin! Coffee grounds act as a natural exfoliant, can help reduce the appearance of dark circles under eyes, and helps with inflammation. Enter Coffee Soap! Yes, it’s a thing and would be the sweetest personalized gift for a loved one this holiday season.But seriously, the way to my heart is through coffee. I am the living example of our
"But First Coffee" centerpieces. Either a) I’m such a huge coffee fan, who nightly gets excited thinking about how I’ll make my joe in the morning, or b) it is totally rational and normal behavior to think about coffee 24/7. Either way, I am loving everything about these centerpieces in the shop! How cute would these be, displayed next to the coffee pot in the kitchen at work? It would definitely bring a little sparkle to everyone’s morning.

Preparing and making coffee soap does not require too much effort. There are many ways to make homemade soap, but the safest way is to cook without Lye! The best and quickest route will only require 3 ingredients: a one pound package of melt-and-pour soap base, some ground coffee beans, and your choice of fragrance oil. For step-by-step-instructions, Pinterest comes to the rescue! This Pin is specific and easy to understand so that you are most successful! Once the soap is completed, slap a note and string around it and gift to your friends and family. Everyone will thank you for your creativity and thoughtfulness!

I guess it’s apparent now that I take my coffee in a cup, in centerpieces, and in soap. Basically, I’ll take it in any form to help me adult, because adulting is hard without caffeine.


- Allison Skinner

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