Beautiful Balloons!

Beautiful Balloons!

There are so many ways to use balloons other than tying them to string and attaching them to chairs around the house that will both beautify your celebration and keep your guests, young and old, entertained.

1. Turn balloons into animals without being a balloon artist!

If you gave me a month to practice, I probably couldn't make an animal out of twisting balloons together, but I can definitely wield a glue stick and that's all you need! We make dog faces to turn balloons into precious pups, or just glue some black dots (you'll need a large hole punch) on red balloons and fill your home with ladybugs like we did for my daughter's first birthday.

2. Fill 'em up!

I'm not just talking about hot air, fill them up with confetti! Grab a funnel, stretch the mouth of the balloon around it, and then fill it with fun confetti, and blow them up! Let guests pop them to explode pink or blue confetti around for a gender reveal (use black balloons to hide the color), use clear balloons filled with multi-colored confetti for a gorgeous pop of color!

3. Game On!

There's a reason balloons have been used at parties for decades; they're fun! There are lots of games you can play with balloons and keep guests, young and old, entertained at your next party:

  • Balloon Race: grab a balloon, put it between your knees, and start hopping to the finish line!
  • "Pregnant" Belly Game: at your next baby shower, let the guys put a balloon under their shirt to simulate a big pregnant belly, and have them reach down to their feet and race to tie their shoes
  • Keep It Moving: we played this all the time as kids. The goal is just to keep the balloon in the air; if it touches the floor, you're out!

Don't discount those balloons; they can look beautiful and add to the fun!

Party on friends,



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  • Heather Lindow
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