Fighting Winter

I spent the first 20 years of my life living in south Texas, so that makes me the least equipped to deal with cold weather. Our summers stayed in the 90s, fall didn’t exist, and our winters were short. I don’t like being cold, and I don’t look forward to extended periods of cloudy skies in the winter. My mom always told me she felt like she suffered from seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.), during the cold months, and, now, I understand how she felt.
If your ideal weather is sunny and 80 degrees, like me, you need some help getting through the winter, so..
Decorate with bright colors.
I saw this lovely idea on Pinterest, where they put lemons inside of a large vase to brighten the inside, while it was gloomy and cold outside. Bringing bright colors into your home, during the winter, adds a little happiness, defeating the dreaded S.A.D. And nothing screams happiness like lemon yellow.
Buy a new plant. Yes, another one. Can we just all agree that plants are both amazing and a pain in the butt? So beautiful, but so, “ugh I forgot I need to water all of my 13 potted plants.” But buying a new, healthy, green plant, to place indoors, will bring a little life into your home.
Rearrange your living room. Change it up. Switch your accent chairs around. Push your couch against that wall you never thought would look quite right. Even if you hate it and have to move it back, it got your blood flowing and brought some newness into your life.
Embrace Winter. Even though this time of year is not my favorite, I know a ton of people who love the cold weather, so instead of fighting it like I do, embrace it. Decorate with some dead tree limbs you found in your yard, or make a garland of dead leaves you raked into a pile. Head over to our site and snag one of these adorable winter woodland garlands.
You can still feel good throughout the cold months. Don’t let the dreary skies kill your mood, and bring something new and beautiful into your home. 
- Tara Goetz

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