Time Flies Party Theme Must Haves!


Well, it’s official. Take a 2 & 3 year old on an airplane to Disney World and they’ll think the coolest part of the whole trip is the plane ride itself. Somehow, through meeting princesses, eating Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels, and riding Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride, my kids have talked more about the airplane than about the most magical place on Earth. Don’t get me wrong; we all had a blast at Disney! But their pure hearts just couldn’t get enough of being high up in the sky and learning all there is to know about airplanes (thankfully, their grandpa who was with us on the trip and works professionally on airplanes, explained the finer details of flying).

Since we’ve gotten back from Disney, I’ve had to brainstorm ways to satisfy their airplane curiosity. The simplest way that I’ve been incorporating learning about airplanes is through food (note to self: buy an airplane shape cookie cutter for even more ways to make our food fun looking)! My daughter’s favorite food happens to be sausage, so when I found this easy to make kolache recipe, I knew the kids would love the look and enjoy the taste. Simply wrap some sausage in a crescent roll. Once cooked, insert two wing-designed toothpicks (just use washi tape) onto each side of the kolache and voila! Airplane kolaches for the win.

Since I don't feel that this obsession is ending anytime soon, I'm thinking there may be an airplane themed party in our near future, and what could be more fitting since time really does fly when they are so little! 

-Allison Skinner

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