Top 4 Indoor Play Ideas to Keep Moms from Losing Their Minds This Winter


If your kids are ANYTHING like mine, they have a LOT of energy. When cold winter months drag on, and trips to the park are few and far between, I'm always looking for new indoor activities to keep them busy and out of trouble.

My favorite toys are ones that don't take up a boat load of space in our small home, and are easy to keep organized come pick-up time. So we rounded up a few of our most favorite indoor play activities. Hoping a few of these will help you keep your sanity this Winter!

1) Felt Snowman - After our felt Christmas trees were such a hit, we knew we wanted to come up with something that could last past the Christmas season, and what is more fun and festive than a felt snowman! Each snowman comes with a blank felt snowman, and 15 felt accessories that allow you to decorate your snowman, in the warmth of your home, time and time again. 

2) These play mats from Mouse Loves Pig and Feeding Pickle are so cute, and also compact. Two huge pluses in my book. Each mat is themed, has storage spaces for all the pieces, and is easily rolled up for storage. I know kids lose their minds over farm and cars, but I'm personally dying over this campground mat. Those little sleeping bags and tent are toooooo much!

3) We have a lot of wooden toys in our house. They seem to be the ones that not only hold up to the wear and tear of long-term play, but they also seem to be the ones that my kids keep coming back to time and time again. The colors on the toys over at Wonder's Journey are perfection, and who wouldn't want to play a matching game with adorable llama in every shade of the rainbow?

4) Felt masks are our final suggestion for survival this Winter. We were given our first felt mask when my son was 1, and even at 6 he still plays with it. I think this toy is the most beneficial for those with LOTS of energy. He can transform himself into a tiger and his "running games" (laps and laps and LAPS around our kitchen, living room, study) take on a whole new life with added leaps and ROARS. For every mask design you'd need, Sarmon Designs has you covered. From unicorns and dragons to pigs and koalas, they have you covered! 

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  • Shanti Grossman
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