Make Your Kids' Table Shine!

Make Your Kids' Table Shine!

Having a kid’s table for the upcoming holidays is a super easy way to keep the little ones entertained, at least long enough for you to catch up with your favorite cousin. If you’re the one with children, or you’re just the host with children coming over, having an activity plan for the kiddos will make your, and the kids’, holiday, more fun and less hassle.

  • Pick up a roll of butcher paper, and cover the table in it. Let the kiddos draw all over it, and create their Picasso-esque masterpieces. It will be the most fun, throw away, tablecloth you ever have.
  • Put out a bowl of Legos, hot wheels, plastic animals, or any other small, cheap toys for those little hands to play with after they cover the paper in drawings.
  • Gift wrap a box of crayons for each kid who will be attending the gathering. They’ll have their own set to draw with, and getting to unwrap something is always super exciting!
  • Leave out a bowl of grapes and crackers on the table. The kids can grab snacks on their own, and you can stay sitting down, talking family drama with that favorite cousin.
  • When the butcher paper runs out, the Legos gets boring, and the grapes are all gone, have some festive coloring pages on hand to extend activity time. There are a million free ones out there; just do a quick Google search!

Along with all that fun stuff, you have to decorate the table too! Head over to our shop and grab some wintery centerpieces and cover your table in our confetti!


-Party At Your Door Staff, 
Tara Goetz

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