Tips For Throwing The Best Moms Night In Party

Tips For Throwing The Best Moms Night In Party

I work for a custom party decorations company and run a local mom group. When you combine the two, it means I’m a killer mom-friendly party host. Since having my daughters, I’ve had to get creative when hosting moms night in gatherings.

Here’s a few tips I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Make it a potluck. Not to be stereotypical, but thanks to the age of Pinterest, moms bring THE BEST snacks to parties. Whether it be beautifully adorned cookies, a vegan friendly casserole, or a 47 layer dip, moms know how to bring it.
  2. Play games. Games are great icebreakers, especially if you’re hosting a group that doesn’t know each other well. Farkle is a popular game in our household. It’s an easy dice game that has no limit on players. There’s also Uno, charades, or the huge variety of Jackbox games.
  3. Have a theme. Whether it be a wine tasting, brunch, or a Mean Girls viewing party. Having a theme gives guests a better idea of what to anticipate when they come over. And lucky for you, we’ve got decorations to meet your every need (and if we don’t, just message us for a custom order!).
  4. Decide if you want it to be kid friendly or not. There are pros and cons to both. Kid friendly means that both moms and kids can get a bit of socialization, and your turn out will likely be better since moms won’t have to get a babysitter, but it could mean your house will be left looking like the aftermath of a hurricane. Adult only could mean a slightly lower turnout, but with less distractions making for more meaningful conversations.

Stay at home and working moms alike deserve a get together. Make sure you make it a night to remember!

-Ashley Willet

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