Kid and Parent Friendly Party Favors

Kid and Parent Friendly Party Favors

For my son's second birthday party, we did a Thomas the Train themed party and I went all out with the custom party decor, of course. My neighbor made an amazing 3D Thomas cake with an edible crispy treat train engine, and I used one of my son's many many Thomas toy engines and lined up little bins of jelly beans behind it to look like a real train. I was so proud of myself and my son was beyond thrilled. Where I messed up, was the favors. Not only did I include two different kinds of the junkiest foods, in both candy and cracker form, but I also gave every child a fully operational wooden train whistle. Oops! Sorry to all of my friends. I'm sure the car ride home from the party was tense and there were a loud couple of weeks to follow until you could "lose" those whistles.

Here are some party favors that will be loved by kids and their parents alike:

1) Flower Seed Packets

I think we all remember sprouting a bean plant in elementary school and the excitement of coming into class and checking on it every day. Kids will love planting these in the flower bed, or in a pot and it gives them something to be proud of as it grows. 

2) Organic Bath Bombs

It seems inevitable that, at some point, all kids go from loving the bath, to hating it and the nightly battle begins. A great incentive for them to get clean is by adding a fun fizzy bath bomb to the tub. The organic variety is free from chemicals and made with all natural ingredients. Win-win.

3) Sidewalk Chalk

The name says it all: "Sidewalk". That means you keep it outside and they use it outside, so no marks on the furniture! And, once it's gone; it's gone, so there's no waste and nothing to throw away!

4) Organic Fruit Chews

I feel like there has to be a little something sweet in a favor bag, but it doesn't have to mean a box full of red dye number 5 & corn syrup, but kids just think they're yummy and still feel like they are having a treat.

5) Mini Activity Books

Don't we all love things in mini form? It's just cuter and a little more special. These mini-activity books are perfect for little hands and are great to bring out in the car, on a rainy day, or when mama just needs a minute. Tape a mini-pencil on the cover for an extra special touch!


Party on, friends!


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  • Heather Lindow
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