5 Unique and Useful Baby Shower Gifts


I am notorious for OVER planning any baby shower that I'm hosting with custom party decoration that perfectly capture the couple's personality, and food that is both delicious, and often times also themed...and just days before the shower realizing I hadn't bought a gift. Oops! Normally by the time I get to their registry all the good stuff is gone, so I will snatch up all those boring must-have items, but then I will go ahead and purchase a "welcome to the world" gift to bring them once the baby is born. Because then I have an excuse to get some baby snuggles...duh!

Of course there are so many necessities when you have a baby, but sometimes I like to give a gift that the mom doesn't KNOW she needs until she has it, because so many times in the early years of motherhood I've wondered "OMG how did I live without this until now?!"

So here are my top 5 favorite useful and unique gifts for baby and mama!

1) We have a White Loft Growth Chart, and every single time I walk past it I get the overwhelming feeling of "awwwwww!" My husband and I love it because it is a fun way to watch them grow, and my kids are obsessed with seeing how much they have grown. I mean, sometimes they ask to be measured multiple times a day. (This may have something to do with us telling them that eating mushrooms makes you grow, just like in Mario Brothers, #momhack) 


2) Another way to track your babies progress is with an adorbs baby book from Polka Dot Print Shop. I knew I was supposed to have a baby book for my kids, but I totally forgot to register for one, and am so SO happy someone surprised us with a really nice and adorable baby book. I definitely would not have splurged on one for myself, but it is one of the pieces that we most cherish.

3) My kids are definitely no longer teething (we just rounded the corner on 4 and 5 over here!), but I'll be honest, I still wear my teething necklace, and I still get compliments on it every time I do. I mean function and fashion in one? Yes PLEASE! Plus when you're one big hot mess in the early days, it is nice to put on a little something new to spruce up those maternity jeans you're STILL wearing 2 months post partum, and that t-shirt with baby spit up all over it! So grab one, of these from Honeycomb Baby Goods, and treat that new mama in your life! 


4) My best friend told me how important those super soft muslin blankets were, and I was like "yea whatever, I have other blankets." But then you see, I GOT some super soft muslin blankets, and guess what... THEY WERE so useful. Throw them over the car seat to give the baby some shade, or to keep the bright lights off their eyes as they snooze through Target (we can all wish right?!) Throw them down on the living room for a clean place for them to roll and play (because that dog hair doesn't get vacuumed up like ever these days), or throw them over yourself as you whip that boob out for the 27th time that day in public to feed that cute little munchkin. Even to this day, we still pack ours when traveling. They are so light and easy to throw in your purse and the perfect thing to throw down on the airport floor for a picnic, or to keep the chilly airplane air off you. Or if you're road tripping, we love to hang them in the kids' window to give them some shade from the afternoon sun. The Aidan + Anais blankets are everyone's go to, but if you're looking for something equally soft, and unique, these from Austin Tie Dye Company will not disappoint!


5) So my last recommendation is a return address stamp...sounds weird, I know, but hear me out! Once that baby is born I had a LOT of thank yous to send out, and then it was holiday cards, and then birthday invitations and a million more thank yous... and I was also way shorter on time than ever before. That quick return address stamp is a huge time saver when you're sending out multiple pieces of mail in one day and also an adorable addition to the presentation of your out-going mail. I honestly love all my Yellow Bess stamps. The stamp is adorable, and that handle....so cute! This is actually on my top 5 gifts to give ever, so I pretty much give them for every occasion. House warming, engagement gift, wedding gift, Christmas and birthday gift, I've given them to almost everyone by now, because I love them so much.


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  • Shanti Grossman
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