5 Tips For Throwing The Best Holiday Party


I have been throwing an annual holiday for going on 8 consecutive years. I consider myself a bit of a master hostess. In addition to food, drinks, and games, you need to make sure to decorate your home. So make sure to pick up some custom party decor from Party At Your Door. Here’s a few tips to make sure your holiday party is a smash.

  • Drinks. Decide whether you’re going to provide alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic drinks. You could set up a cooler, or a nice insulated tub like I have, or really step it up and hire a bartender. Alternatively, to keep it casual and avoid over buying, you could make it BYOB. Regardless of what you decide, try to ensure everyone drinks responsibly.
  • Food. Much like drinks, you should decide if you’re going to provide food or, perhaps, make it a potluck. Providing food gives you a little more control over the menu, but can sometimes lead to over or underbuying. Making it a potluck saves the host/hostess money, but usually results in more wasted food and a larger mess to clean. A nice compromise I’ve found is providing the main dish, like a baked ham or roasted turkey, and then have a sign up sheet for sides and desserts. 
  • Decorations. From banners to hanging snowflakes, to straw toppers and confetti, Party At Your Door has you covered. I usually try and set up a photobooth stand at all of our parties too. I’ll use wrapping paper for a backdrop and then you could have friends hold banners or use custom photo booth props. You could also require your guests wear holiday decorations as party attire to really want to crank up the holiday cheer.
  • Entertainment. Make sure to find a really good holiday playlist to play in the background. Or, if you have any musician friends, see if they’ll play some songs at the party. Last year, a friend of mine set up a mic and amp on our makeshift stage and sang holiday classics all night. If all your friends have younger kids like me, then also consider hiring one or two babysitters to ensure your friends can enjoy themselves. We have done this the past 3 years and it’s been a huge hit. Most of our friends are transplants, like me, and don’t have much family in the area. That can make finding a sitter around the holidays tricky. So, I started having 2 teachers from my daughters’ preschool come and watch all the kids in our master bedroom. We pay them a flat rate, then leave a stocking out for tips. 
  • Games. If you opt for a babysitter, consider providing some kid friendly party favors or a felt tree for the kids to decorate. For kids from 1 to 92, you could play the saran wrap ball game. We did this last year and filled it with gift cards, gag gifts, and mini liquor bottles. 

Regardless of all these tips, the only way to guarantee a great holiday party, is to invite all your loved ones and appreciate what a wonderful time of year it is. A time to reflect and be grateful for everything you have. From  all of us at Party At Your Door, Happy Holidays. 

-Ashley Willet

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