Our Top 3 Non-Holiday Family Traditions


Some of our favorite family traditions don't involved custom party decorations and lots of planning, sometimes they are low key things we do as a family that bring us a lot of joy! Here is a list of our top 3 non-holiday and non-birthday traditions.

  1. Dinner in front of the TV - As a family we eat dinner together at the dinner table every single night. It is the way that both my husband and I were raised, and it is a time for us each day to come together and connect in our crazy lives. I wouldn't change that nightly tradition for the world, but sometimes on special occasions we all eat in front of a movie, and the kids just adore it. As the kids have gotten older I love how they work together to pull the coffee table over so it is in front of the tv, and they set their own placemats and get their own chairs and blankets out. They REALLY settle in for the movie and dinner event. We always end the night with a special movie treat of popcorn and something sweet, which makes this sweet family tradition so much more special!
  2. Ice Cream Rides are perfect for the summer when it is hot as all get out and the kids can sleep in the next morning. The idea of an ice cream ride is simple. You put your kids to bed, just as you normally would, and then 5-10 minutes later run into their rooms with an "ICE CREAM RIDE!" exclamation. You all jump in the car in your PJs and go for a super special, late night, ice cream run. For some the idea of pumping your kids full of sugar after their bedtime can give you some real second thoughts about this idea, but I promise the joy on their face through this experience will far outweigh the bedtime wiggles. 
  3. Say Yes day can be a real struggle for those of us who like to be in control, which is why I think kids love this so much, because for one day THEY are in control. One day each year you surprise the kids first thing in the morning with a declaration of "It is Say Yes day", and they call the shots from there. No matter what they ask for YOU MUST SAY YES. Of course you can set some ground rules for the amount of time/money each thing can take, but for the most part you'd be surprised at how simple and fun the things they come up with are. Ice cream for breakfast...YES. A run to the gas station for a bubble gum snack...YES. Water Balloon fight...YES. Just say yes. yes. yes. It is just one day, and you get major cool mom points for it!

What non-holiday traditions do you have in your house?

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  • Shanti Grossman
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